Crazy Horse Saloon/Mont Tremblant

Last week took us back to Canada for our first return to Ottawa since the “almost deported” incident.  This time crossing the border went a lot smoother.  Pretty funny though, the customs agent recognized us and said, “you guys trying to sneak in again?” 

The Crazy Horse was every bit as fun as I remembered it from the first trip.  The people in Ottawa love their country music.  Saturday night we had them packed in shoulder to shoulder by 10 o’clock and there was a line of 150 people stretched around the building waiting to get in.  We’re even starting to build a good following in Canada.  Have to give a shout out to Joanne and Jess who drove in with 32 girls from out of town to come to the show.  Also Shelley, who came out all the way from Toronto to support the Goodfellers’ cause!  We even had some bar dancing going on at The Crazy Horse, honky tonk style!

Aside from the playing, there were also some other memorable road moments.  Rook played hockey on an outdoor rink with some of the Crazy Horse boys and their friends.  It was the first time he had been on skates in several years.  It was quite a sight seeing him warm up by skating with the little kids on the kiddy rink.  But, he came along quickly and did Nashville proud by scoring two goals, including a diving slap shot.  The boys asked me to play.  I told them I’d be happy to come along and drink the beer, but that was about it.  I did, however, take the crew up on an invitation to soak in an outdoor hot tub and drink a two-four (Canadian for case).  Thanks for the hospitality Jamie and Katie! 

Closed the weekend down by watching the NFC and AFC championship games at the Crazy Horse.  Felt kind of weird watching football in Canada.  Brett Favre and the Vikings had quite the following in Ottawa though.  Too bad that last second interception led to a Saints victory and Rookie owing me 20 dollars (Canadian, so he got off a little light).  We did a special encore performance Sunday night that ended with an acoustic sing along with all the boys from the club. 

On Monday morning Christopher, Rook, and I took off to Mont Tremblant for a little R&R and some skiing.  This ski resort has to be one of the coolest and most beautiful places I have been to.  Ironically, it was started by a guy from Philly.  Go firgure!  Unfortunately the rain (yes, it actually rained instead of snowed) kept us from skiing Monday, so we focused on taste testing every beer La Diable makes.  It was a small microbrewery at the base of the mountain.  AMAZING beer.  I recommend the Extreme and the Stout if you ever get up there.  Also, tried our hand at blackjack.  I’m proud to say that my coaching made Rook a few hundred dollars and made an older gentleman who was playing with us about 800.  The dealer was calling me sensai.

Woke up on Tuesday to 8 inches of powder, and it continued to snow the entire day.  By the end of the day of skiing, Christopher and I were burning down the mountain in powder deeper than our boots.  Spent the afternoon soaking the muscles in a hot tub under one of the gondolas and the night enjoying some Canadian beer.  Closed the night with some late night dialing in French to anyone we could wake up back in the states thanks to our friend Alex. 

Finished out the ski vacation with a few more trips to the microbrewery and The P’Tit Caribou.  Got to watch Christopher and Rook in a snow death match on the street before we left.  Not sure who won.  I have some video, ya’ll can decide.

Rolled out of Mont Tremblant 2 a.m. on Wednesday night to catch a 6 a.m. flight in Ottawa back to the states (FYI Mont Tremblant is 2 hours from Ottawa).  A few guys from Toronto bet that we would never make it in time to catch our flight (maybe because it was 1 a.m.. and we were still hanging at La Diable), but little did they know…WE’RE THE GOODFELLERS!!!!

Check out some of the photos and video footage on my facebook and myspace.

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