New Single “Heaven For Hellions” Now Available

Anthony’s latest single is now available everywhere!  Visit any music provider to download/stream.


The story behind Orio’s latest release:

“I have had the same group of friends since I was five years old.  We all grew up in the same neighborhood, just blocks from each other.  Each guy brings his own unique personality to the group, but in the end, we’re like more like blood, like brothers, than we are like friends.  A few years back, I flew up to Philly for one of the guy’s 30th birthday.  We were out at a bar celebrating, drinking.  I was doing shots of Jack and also sipping on a Jack on the rocks.  My one buddy Matty looked at me and said, “Dude, are you chasing your whiskey with whiskey?”  I told that story to my two co-writers on the song, Matt Cline and Brent Baxter, a few months later in a writing session and we all agreed it sounded like a song.  Hoping that someday, somewhere there is a heaven for my group of hellions.”


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