Back In Canada

The boys and I will be back at The Crazy Horse Saloon in Kanata, Ontario January 21st through the 23rd.  Show times are 10:00 p.m.  Let all your Canadian friends know and come on out if you can! – Anthony


After a year without a return to the hometown to perform, Anthony has booked an acoustic show at Durty Nelly’s.  Anthony will perform Saturday night, February 6th.  The new CD will be available for purchase at the performance.

Tunica Date Change

The February show dates for Sam’s Town Casino in Tunica, MS have been changed to February 19th and 20th.

Pre-Ordering CD

We are working on getting pre-ordering for the CD set up on this site.  We will be running a special pre-order deal….order between now and Jan. 29th (official release date), and shipping will be free.  Thanks to everyone who is pumped up and ready to support the cause!

I Literally Sang For My Breakfast

Last night after the show me and the boys ended up at what could possibly be the best Chinese Restaurant I have ever been in.  That’s right…they have full service, sit down Chinese food available here at 3:30 in the morning.  We got to talking with a table near us and when they found out we were in a band, of course they wanted a little sample of the music. So….I stood up, middle of a packed restaurant, 3 in the morning and sang “Summer Wind” by Frank Sinatra to one of the guys wives.  Got a pretty good response from the people eating in the restaurant too.  We continued talking with them and they were awesome.  Funny as hell…made my night and even let us sample a few of the dishes they ordered. the time the meal was winding down, one of the guys had picked up our pretty hefty bill (I have some big eaters on this trip with me), in exchange for one more song.  I did “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson, and although he picked up a fork and threatened to stab me when I started hip thrusting near his wife…overall, he seemed happy … Continue Reading →