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  • bettina s bettina s says:

    hi guys!!

    Just wanted to say i had an absolute blast last night at crazy horse!! great job!!

  • Anthony Orio Anthony Orio says:


    So sorry to hear about your cousin. I will certainly keep him in my prayers. I’m glad you guys had a good time at the show and that thinking about it helps him smile. Tell him to keep his chin up.

  • Jennifer Price says:

    Hey, I seen you guys for the first time in Panama City, Fl. for BIKE WEEK. I really thought you guys were totally AWESOME. My cousin had a tragic Bike Wreck on the way back from Tootsies. He was Paralized. But he is now getting rehibitation in Atlanta, Ga at Shepards. I try to always remind him of the night we had so much fun watching you guys at Tootsies. It brings a smile to his face. Thanks for such a great show.

  • Nichole DiRuzza says:

    Saw you guys in Panama City at Tootsies…love love love you guys! Hopefully you can make it to INDIANA soon!!!!
    Nichole & LeeAnn

  • FRAN says:


  • Julia Oleson says:

    The “Milwaukee” girls had a great time! Your bad is awesome and we hope to see you again!

    Heather, Julia, Suzy, Larissa & Michelle

  • Sandra Jones says:

    Me and my friends had fun dancing on the bar with ya this past weekend(Wed.June 24th and FriJune 26th) at Tootsie’s. I sent you a friend request on Facebook. Your pictures with me on stage are out on my photos of my 40th birthday party and home page. Hope you remember but you probably won’t since you see and meet so many :lol:. We had a blast and I also danced with you last year. Anyway, we hope to see you again really soon. My husband says you are his favorite one to go listen to at Tootsie’s. We are from Columbus, GA. Love ya and Holla and Swolla.

  • Anthony Orio Anthony Orio says:

    Haven’t heard anything yet. We do private parties. Pass my info along. Hope all is well down in TX.

  • Melony Childress says:

    Hey, have you guys heard anything from any of the DFW radio stations or local places that I’ve given your info to? I have been workin’ it trying to get something goin’ on in Dallas-Fort Worth. And, while I’m asking questions- do you guys do private parties? Have a friend who would love to have you at a large wedding or something.

  • Anthony says:

    Glad you guys had so much fun Melony. You, your mom, and your aunts were awesome out there in the audience. Make sure you stop and see us if you make it to Nashville and hopefully we’ll get to Texas sometime soon.

  • Melony Childress says:

    Despite sustaining a semi-serious burn to my neck, my mom, aunts, and I had one of the best vacations on our recent trip to PCB- due in large part to finding Tootsie’s and you guys!!!! After a road trip & pilgrimage to Graceland (’cause we’re huge Elvis fans), we decided to head to the beach and soak up the sun. But we ended up having an even better time, because we enjoyed your music so much!!! I would have to say that I’ve never quite heard anyone sing “Let’s Get It On” as well as that (who would have thought Marvin Gaye in a predominately country place), but by far my favorite had to be “Suspicious Minds”(Might have something to do with the HUGE Elvis fan thing). Hopefully, we will see you in our area of the country in the near future!!!!!!

    Melony Childress
    Fort Worth, Texas

  • Anthony says:

    Glad you guys had such a good time. That’s what we try to do each and every show. Thanks for the encouraging words too.

    Hope to be up in Bloomington sometime soon. Keep checking the schedule. Hope to see you back in Nashville sometime too!

  • Tim and Dawn Colliver says:

    Never expected to have that good of a time as we did down in Nashville,TN.over the weekend{April 18,2009}.Never heard of the Goodfellers till we walked into Tootsies.You guys are very talented and know how to work the crowd.Were from Lincoln,Ill.and you guys made the trip worth while.Cant wait to see ya in Bloomington and Peoria Ill.when ya come around. thanks!!!! Tim and Dawn

  • Teresa Overbay says:

    Had a great time at Tootsie’s this week-end.You guy’s know how to rock the house and keep the crowd with you.We were part of show….Stay Cool…Teresa

  • daniel Sanchez & Ivonne Leon says:

    Anthony and Wife !!!
    We had a great time watching and singing with you, this week-end. great times come for you in your career!!
    you sing Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love your style !
    Daniel and Ivonne

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