Toast of Music City 2016

Can we make it five? Hell yeah we can. Get out the vote for The Tennessean’s Toast of Music City 2016. Help Anthony Orio and the Goodfellers be the 5-time best band in music city. VOTE once per day through July 24, 2016

Toronto Date Change

Anthony’s return trip to Toronto has been changed.  The new dates are August 12th-14th at Grace O’Malley’s.  There are no July shows in Toronto.

Crazy Horse Saloon/Mont Tremblant

Last week took us back to Canada for our first return to Ottawa since the “almost deported” incident.  This time crossing the border went a lot smoother.  Pretty funny though, the customs agent recognized us and said, “you guys trying to sneak in again?”  The Crazy Horse was every bit as fun as I remembered it from the first trip.  The people in Ottawa love their country music.  Saturday night we had them packed in shoulder to shoulder by 10 o’clock and there was a line of 150 people stretched around the building waiting to get in.  We’re even starting to build a good following in Canada.  Have to give a shout out to Joanne and Jess who drove in with 32 girls from out of town to come to the show.  Also Shelley, who came out all the way from Toronto to support the Goodfellers’ cause!  We even had some bar dancing going on at The Crazy Horse, honky tonk style! Aside from the playing, there were also some other memorable road moments.  Rook played hockey on an outdoor rink with some of the Crazy Horse boys and their friends.  It was the first time he had been on … Continue Reading →


Some videos from youtube are up on the site in our video section! Head over to and check them all out! Be sure to comment if you like what you see/hear. Cheers!

Durty Nelly’s Canceled Tomorrow

The Nelly’s show is officially canceled for tomorrow, Saturday Feb 6th. Old man winter strikes again! We will be rescheduling, so stay tuned. I have added Tootsie’s 6-10 p.m. in the backroom for tomorrow.