Tour Dates

Anthony might be playing right now, but it won’t show up on this page. Check here.

Nashville, TennesseeNashville03/21/1910:00pmMap
Birmingham, ALTin Roof- Birmingham03/22/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville03/28/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville03/29/19TBDMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville04/04/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville04/05/1910:00pmMap
Tuscaloosa, ALRhythm N Brews- Tuscaloosa04/06/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TNTootsies Orchid Lounge04/07/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville04/18/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville04/19/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville04/20/19TBDMap
Nashville, TNTootsies Orchid Lounge04/21/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville04/25/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville04/26/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville04/27/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TNTootsies Orchid Lounge04/28/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville05/02/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville05/09/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville05/10/1910:00pmMap
Tuscaloosa, ALRhythm N Brews- Tuscaloosa05/11/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TNTootsies Orchid Lounge05/12/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville05/16/1910:00pmMap
St. Louis, MOTin Roof St. Louis05/17/1910:00pmMap
St. Louis, MOTin Roof St. Louis05/18/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TNTootsies Orchid Lounge05/19/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville05/23/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville05/24/1910:00pmMap
Smithville, TennesseeFish Lipz05/25/199:00pmMap
Smithville, TennesseeFish Lipz05/26/199:00pmMap
Rosemont, ILBub City Rosemont05/30/1910:00pmMap
Chicago, ILBub City Chicago05/31/1910:00pmMap
Rosemont, ILBub City Rosemont06/01/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville06/06/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville06/07/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville06/08/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TNTootsies Orchid Lounge06/09/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville06/14/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TennesseeNashville06/15/1910:00pmMap
Nashville, TNTootsies Orchid Lounge06/16/1910:00pmMap
Tuscaloosa, ALRhythm N Brews- Tuscaloosa06/28/1910:00pmMap
Perdido Key, FloridaFlora-Bama06/29/1910:00pmMap
Perdido Key, FloridaFlora-Bama06/30/1910:00pmMap
Panama City Beach, FloridaTootsie's Orchid Lounge-Panama City Beach, FL07/01/1910:00pmMap
Panama City Beach, FloridaTootsie's Orchid Lounge-Panama City Beach, FL07/02/1910:00pmMap
Panama City Beach, FloridaTootsie's Orchid Lounge-Panama City Beach, FL07/03/1910:00pmMap
Panama City Beach, FloridaTootsie's Orchid Lounge-Panama City Beach, FL07/04/1910:00pmMap
Panama City Beach, FloridaTootsie's Orchid Lounge-Panama City Beach, FL07/05/1910:00pmMap
Panama City Beach, FloridaTootsie's Orchid Lounge-Panama City Beach, FL07/06/1910:00pmMap
Panama City Beach, FloridaTootsie's Orchid Lounge-Panama City Beach, FL07/07/196:00pmMap
Grant Park, ILGrant Park Oktoberfest09/07/19TBDMap


  • Endless possibilities says:

    Me and my girlfriend were at Tootsie’s a couple of weekends ago and really enjoyed your music. Sorry to make you miss a few chords….ha,ha. Next time we will be sure that we get more than a picture with you…..

  • aprilreese says:

    Awwww ur not playing bike week in PCB in Oct?
    Any chance that might change? Lol :)
    It wont be the same (or as much fun) without u guy there!
    guess we will start planning a trip to nashville :)
    take care!

  • dawnelle says:

    Hi Anthony…any chance you guys will be at Tootsie’s in Nashville on 9/9 or 9/10? Noticed those were open dates on your tour schedule. We have been in Nashville on vacation that same time frame for the last two years and absolutely loved your show and was hoping to catch it again! We were there the night Kid Rock played with you…great time!

  • chrystie says:

    girls weekend in PCB, walked by Tootsies, heard you, came back at 2am. told other girls about you, came back next night! love the CD.

  • darcy_kosty says:


  • bone258 says:

    We’re coming back to PCB on July 5-8 to hang out with you guys…looking forward to some good tunes…
    The Henderson’s from Mississippi

  • Connie says:

    Hi Anthony =))
    It was a great pleasure to hang out with you and the band on Sunday Fun Day!! I was visiting Nashville for the first time for one week. I went to see Keith Urban’s AFTH, meet up with friends and explore Nashville. When I stopped by Tootsies that night, I was hooked! Y’all rocked my world!! I do have a big request..that y’all come to play in Portland, Oregon. I’m so glad I heard y’all play the night before I had to leave for home too. I’ll post the photo on fb. In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying your cd. God Bless- Connie

  • sallen1234 says:

    Anthony – you have snagged yourself one hot guitar player ! Jake Bishop is THE MAN. I worked with him from the time he was 14 years old to help make his pro music career dream a reality. Tel him that his old pal Steve says hi! Good luck !

  • newtongirl says:

    cant wait to see you guys in concert some day! i Liston to all your songs !

  • bone258 says:

    Hanging with you Fellers in PCB four nights in a row should say it ALL!!! You Fellers are fantastic ..
    We wish y’all the best on the CD ..Drunk Girl and You’ll learn to like it are our favorites.
    Don’t forget us. Peace and Love
    Ron,Judy,Austin and Haley Henderson

  • bone258 says:

    Hey Anthony wife and I saw you in the fall of 2110 at tootsie’s in Nashville ….we
    Are taking our college aged kids to see you in panama city .. we look forward to seeing guys again. We can’t wait to hear guys play again. From Madison miss

    see you in panama city

  • Jfritts says:

    Love the CD! I loved seeing you guys in Nashville 2 summers ago during my bachelorette party. Have followed you ever since! Any chance you will be playing in the Louisville, KY or Cincinnati, OH area ever? Would love to see you guys again!!!

  • mhathorn68 says:

    We had heard word that possible you were scheduled to play in new york maybe mass? Not seeing it on your schedule just got back from nashville. you guys were fabulous as always. Vermont

    • Anthony says:

      Those dates will be 2012. Mass will be up in Foxboro. The NY date would be NYC but it’s not completely finalized yet. If you’re near NYC we’ll be in Mohegan Sun Casino in CT and Philly as well. Glad you enjoyed the shows in TN!

  • Anthony says:

    Hey guys. Glad you enjoyed the show, sorry we missed you this year. We’re working on a return to Wisconsin. Keep in touch and the dates will be posted here and on my Facebook page. Always ready for a little JD. Thanks again!

  • mansand14185 says:

    Hello Anthony and the Goodfellars,

    My wife, daughter , and myself seen you last year at Tooties in PCB. Was there again this year in March, we were hoping to see you guys, but you weren’t there.

    When are you going to make it to Wisconsin?

    Would love to buy you a couple of shots of JD.

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